Dressing Cats up for Halloween

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Dear Baker,

My human keeps trying to ensnare me in a princess costume. Last year I thought she would get the hint when I chewed and shredded the mini lion mane she wrapped around my head, but it seems like she’s trying even harder to make me ‘dress up’ for Halloween. Any suggestions?


Not Amused

Dear N/A

At this time of year it is important to remind our humans all over the world that DRESSING CATS IN COSTUMES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! It isn’t cute or funny; it’s irritating. If you want to give us some extra treats for Halloween, fine, but please do not subject us to your stupid, tight, itchy COSTUMES!

Dogs, on the other hand, look hilarious in Halloween costumes. Feel free to wrap them, dress them, put them in make-up, what have you. Here are some of my personal favourite dog costumes for this year:

chia pet dog costume

Chia pet dog costume, from Dogs – The Fun Times Guide

ghostbusters dog costume

If you have four dogs, consider putting them in Ghostbusters dog costumes, from Costumes Supercenter

minion dog costume

I think your dog should just wear this all the time, not just at Halloween, because it’s that funny: Minion dog costume from Spirit Halloween dot Com

walrus dog costume

Consider putting your canine companion in this DIY walrus dog costume from Instructables. This dog wears it well, and is clearly having a good time.

dog pinata costume

Best of all – dog pinata costume! Here at Spot the Kitty we hope it comes with a big stick…

Thanks for your question, and I hope my advice helps!

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Have a question about cat life? Ask Baker.




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