Kitty Meow-vie Reviews: Interstellar

Baker and Lance review Interstellar

Baker and Lance review Interstellar

“Apparently, Christopher Nolan’s brother, Jonathan, wrote most of the script, and then at the part where [spoiler spoiler spoiler], Christopher Nolan took over and wrote the rest, and that’s why it’s good right up to that point and then gets silly.” – Spot-the-Kitty artist Keeana Borrowman

If you want to know more, here is the link to the movie’s IMDB page.

Lance: This movie had a lot of stuff moving around on the screen that kept me amused for several minutes. After that I fell asleep for the rest of the film. Two paws up!

Baker: This movie provided a lot of opportunity for snuggling with my humans. Two paws up!

Libby: My kittens kept me occupied for most of the film, but it was long enough to allow me a moment to wander out to the living room and get a cuddle.