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Spot the Kitty Discovers 24-7 Kitty TV!

The only thing better than a good movie is a free online TV network with an all-cats all-the-time station called “Cats 24/7!” And that’s just what we found on Pluto TV.

You have to download an app, but once connected to Pluto TV, you can enjoy over a hundred channels of free, round-the-clock content. Or, like us here at Spot the Kitty HQ, you can just watch kitties all the time.

If you’re hooked (we are!) download the Pluto TV app for Android here or for Apple here. You can also get a Pluto TV Chrome extension here.

For more fun with kitty apps, check out Sot the Kitty’s own puzzle game!

Download Spot the Kitty to play on your Apple or Android phone!

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Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Find out what your cat does when you go out with Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Watch a cute kitten battle a giant spider

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

See cats attempting to fit themselves into circles (if I fits, I sits)

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Circle success!

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Will your cat sit in a stupid circle? There’s only one way to find out.

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Find out cat secrets with Cat Diaries

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Meet some of the internet’s most adorable felines

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Watch the savage hunter exploring his natural environment




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