Spot the Kitty Phrasebook



The Spot-the-Kitty Cat Phrasebook

Kitties have a very complex language of meows, purrs, and other noises.  Humans may have a difficult time deciphering their kitty’s messages sometimes, so here is our handy Spot-the-Kitty Cat Phrasebook.  We hope it will help you communicate more easily with your cat.

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Meow – Good morning / welcome home / oh, you’re up.

Meow! – It’s me, your cat, come to inform you that I exist!

Meow? – Pet me.

Mew – You seem to be in the vicinity of the fridge/cupboard/kitchen/You’re moving.  Treats?

Mew! – Treats!

Mew? – Treats?

Meeoow! – My dish is empty! (or) My dish isn’t exactly empty, but I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I  have not had any treats for several minutes.

Purr – Oh, that’s good.  Keep doing that.

Bite – Actually, I changed my mind.

– By K.I Borrowman


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