Spot the Kitty is On the Move! Today’s Cat Spotted in Ajijic, Mexico!

ajijic, chapala, mexico flowers

Kitty-spotting in Mexico is not easy. There are so many wonderful places for a kitty to hide! Today we were fortunate enough to spot a lovely kitty in the town of Ajijic. Ajijic is a small, colourful community on the edge of Lake Chapala, just south of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Cat is “gato” in Spanish, and kitty is “gatito.”

Can you spot the gatito in this picture? Click on the picture to see it full-sized for easier kitty spotting!

kitty spotting in Ajijic, Mexico

Can you spot the kitty in this property in Ajijic, Mexico?

kitty spotted in Ajjijic, Mexico

Kitty spotted!


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