Spot the Kitty is On the Move: Today’s Kitty Spotted in San Jose, Costa Rica

Kitty Spotting in Costa Rica

Every traveler knows that the best hostel is a hostel with a kitty. That’s why the staff of Spot the Kitty HQ were so delighted to find this sweet girl residing at Hostel Casa del Parque in San Jose.

Spot the Kitty in San Jose, Costa Rica

Can you spot this kitty, at the front door of Hostel Casa del Parque in San Jose?

kitty spotted

Kitty spotted!

This kitty’s name is Cleo, and she is ten years old. She is a torbie (tortoiseshell-tabbie) with a white bib. She has been with the hostel since it opened, when she was just a little kitten.

Cleo loves hiding, and she also loves stalking prey like the insects and geckos that live in the hostel patio. Her other activities include getting petted by hostelers and sitting close to the table during mealtimes, hoping for tidbits of whatever anyone’s eating.

spot the kitty in san jose, costa rica

Can you spot Cleo in the hostel’s patio garden?

kitty spotted

Kitty spotted! The fountain is a good place to look for bugs.


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