Spot the Kitty Meow-vie Review – Gravity…

Baker and Lance review Gravity

Baker and Lance review Gravity

Gravity is an action movie starring Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, and Ed Harris. Moviegoers anticipated its 2013 release with baited breath. Even now, this maddeningly impossible piece of schlock has 7.9 on IMDb. The IMDb user reviews are a very entertaining read.

Exciting update! Spot the Kitty Presents has produced our own version of this film, starring Baker and Lance. Click here to watch Grrvity!

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“Baker and Lance give Gravity two paws up. ‘It was amazing,’ says Baker. ‘Stuff was moving around on the screen the whole time. I was riveted!’ Lance adds, ‘There were a lot of surprising moments, such as loud noises or flashes of light, that kept me awake for the entire movie! A must-see for all kitties. Two paws up!'”

Well, there you have it folks. Stay tuned for upcoming reviews, tips, and kitty-related information!

– By K.I Borrowman