Kitty Meowvie Reviews — Independence Day: Resergence

independence day - resurgence movie poster

independence day – resurgence movie poster

This is probably the worst sequel ever made. Its crappiness partly stems from how really good the original ID4 movie was – the chasm between the first and second in this franchise is wide enough to land a cat on the moon in. The tagline is, “We had twenty years to prepare.” The revised tagline needs to include, “and yet we threw a bunch of cutting room floor footage together over the long weekend and called the results a movie.”

Here’s what the kitties have to say:

Baker — My humans were laughing so hard at this parody that I had trouble sleeping through it. Wait, what? It wasn’t meant to be a parody? Two paws way, way down!

Lance — I had to go into the other room. It was fine at first, but there was this part with a dog in it and all that yapping got on my nerves. Two paws enthusiastically down.

Butters (our intern Kitty Meowvie Critic) — There were things moving on the screen. Whizzy lights and Jeff Goldblum. I can’t think of a better way to spend Saturday night with my humans. I can’t count, but I raise all my paws and even my tail to this masterpiece of whizzy things.



Kitty Mew-sic Reviews: Hotline Bling by Drake

When Hotline Bling starts playing, who can resist dancing their butt off like a freak? It’s just that catchy.

Photo credit: GQ

“Watching Drake dance really gets me in the mewd. His mewvs are purrfect. Two paws up!” – Baker

“I like to bust a mewv every time I hear that sweet, sweet refrain. It’s like kibble to my ears. Two paws way up! Can I get a meow meow?” – Lance

Baker loves Hotline Bling so much that he had to record his own version. Hope you enjoy “Catline Bling,” by Baker:


Kitty Meowvie Review: CSI — Crime Scene Investigation final episode “Immortality”

csi real movie posterCSI is an ingenious show that has run on CBS for fifteen years. It has three spin-offs and has given countless aspiring actors opportunities to show their stuff. CSI may not always be realistic (“Can you bring that up a little?”) but it is always entertaining to try to solve the crime along with the team. On September 27th, CSI shared their series finale, bringing back some of their best-loved cast members for an intense two-hour search for the bombers of a Las Vegas casino.

Read more about CSI – Crime Scene Investigation on IMDb.

Read more about CSI “Immortality,” on Entertainment Weekly
… after you watch the episode, of course. We don’t want any spoilers!

Our kitties enjoyed CSI Immortality so much that they decided to dedicated this week’s Spot the Kitty Presents to their own rendition of the show.

Baker: “It was a lot of fun to pretend to work with my partner to solve a crime. Of course in the end, we knew the dog did it. Spot the Kitty Studios were generous enough to provide some very high-tech equipment for this particular show, like a laptop, and a camera.”

Lance: “I don’t know why I always have to play the girl. I drew inspiration from Sara Sidle. Sara’s endearing habit of always explaining things that are already somewhat obvious makes the show easier to follow for those of us whose brains are the sizes of walnuts. So I guess in this instance, there was a certain element of challenge to bringing one of my favourite characters to life under my own interpretation.”


Kitty Meowvie Reviews: Gone Girl

Click here to learn more about Gone Girl on IMDb!

Click here to learn more about Gone Girl on IMDb!

Gone Girl is based on a best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn. She wrote the screenplay, too, so unusually for movies based on novels, you don’t come away from this one saying, “The book was better.” Unless you’re a real stickler for booksarealwaysbetterism, in which case, don’t even bother watching movies, you nerd!

Baker — My human watched Gone Girl on an airplane, while I was crammed in my small carrier under the seat in front of her. I was fine, by the way. Don’t worry about me.

Lance — Me too.

For meowvie buffs, Baker and Lance have produced their own version of this film, Gone Cat. You can watch it here:


Kitty Meowvie Reviews: Rocky

Rocky shows us that it’s possible to achieve your dreams no matter how bad the odds. For more about Rocky, see its IMDb page.

Underdog Rocky Balboa achieves success in boxing and dating.

Underdog Rocky Balboa achieves success in boxing and dating.

Lance: This movie was very inspiring. It inspired me to nap for 119 minutes! Two paws up!

Baker: I don’t see what all the fuss was about. I could have beaten that Apollo Creed! Two paws up, anyway.

To see Baker and Lance’s meowvie of Rawrky, go to our YouTube channel. Please like, share, and subscribe!


Kitty Meowvie Reviews: From Russia with Love

One of the first James Bond movies, this stars Sean Connery as 007. The special agent has to go to Istanbul to find a Soviet encryption device that was stolen by SPECTRE. He gets a little help from a sexy Russian defector, Tatiana Romanova. For more info see From Russia with Love on IMDb. Or, you could watch the Kitty Meowvie, From Russia with Kibble, on Spot the Kitty’s YouTube channel.from russia with love

Baker: This movie was very exciting, with lots of banging and shouting. It gave my humans all the energy they needed to pet me for the full 115 minutes. Two paws up!

Lance: I liked the part when my humans gave me tuna after the movie ended. Two paws up!


Kitty Meow-vie Reviews: Unfinished Business

Baker and Lance review Unfinished Business

Baker and Lance review Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business is a meandering look at the funny side of big business. Vince Vaughn plays Dan Trunkman, a small business owner who discovers that he has a lot of people relying on him. Find out all about it on IMDb.

Lance: This movie was great. There was just enough space on the sofa for me to curl up between my humans and it gave me a solid 91 minutes of evening nap time, with scritches. Two paws up!

Baker: My human laughed loudly throughout the movie, but it didn’t disturb my rest. Two paws up!



Kitty Meow-vie Reviews: Interstellar

Baker and Lance review Interstellar

Baker and Lance review Interstellar

“Apparently, Christopher Nolan’s brother, Jonathan, wrote most of the script, and then at the part where [spoiler spoiler spoiler], Christopher Nolan took over and wrote the rest, and that’s why it’s good right up to that point and then gets silly.” – Spot-the-Kitty artist Keeana Borrowman

If you want to know more, here is the link to the movie’s IMDB page.

Lance: This movie had a lot of stuff moving around on the screen that kept me amused for several minutes. After that I fell asleep for the rest of the film. Two paws up!

Baker: This movie provided a lot of opportunity for snuggling with my humans. Two paws up!

Libby: My kittens kept me occupied for most of the film, but it was long enough to allow me a moment to wander out to the living room and get a cuddle.


Kitty Meow-vie reviews — About Time


At the age of 21, Tim discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by getting a girlfriend turns out not to be as easy as you might think. About Time on IMDB

Baker: My  human really enjoyed this movie, and so did I.  I found it very relaxing and peaceful.  I was able to stay asleep right through to the credits.  Two paws up!

Lance: This movie inspired me.  I stayed awake from beginning to end, watching the fish tank.  Two paws up!

Marigold: I love it when my humans watch a movie.  I can snuggle up and cuddle for two hours.  Then I have lots of energy to run around and play all night!

– By K.I Borrowman