Dressing Cats up for Halloween

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Dear Baker,

My human keeps trying to ensnare me in a princess costume. Last year I thought she would get the hint when I chewed and shredded the mini lion mane she wrapped around my head, but it seems like she’s trying even harder to make me ‘dress up’ for Halloween. Any suggestions?


Not Amused

Dear N/A

At this time of year it is important to remind our humans all over the world that DRESSING CATS IN COSTUMES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! It isn’t cute or funny; it’s irritating. If you want to give us some extra treats for Halloween, fine, but please do not subject us to your stupid, tight, itchy COSTUMES!

Dogs, on the other hand, look hilarious in Halloween costumes. Feel free to wrap them, dress them, put them in make-up, what have you. Here are some of my personal favourite dog costumes for this year:

chia pet dog costume

Chia pet dog costume, from Dogs – The Fun Times Guide

ghostbusters dog costume

If you have four dogs, consider putting them in Ghostbusters dog costumes, from Costumes Supercenter

minion dog costume

I think your dog should just wear this all the time, not just at Halloween, because it’s that funny: Minion dog costume from Spirit Halloween dot Com

walrus dog costume

Consider putting your canine companion in this DIY walrus dog costume from Instructables. This dog wears it well, and is clearly having a good time.

dog pinata costume

Best of all – dog pinata costume! Here at Spot the Kitty we hope it comes with a big stick…

Thanks for your question, and I hope my advice helps!

Baker - ask me anything byline

Have a question about cat life? Ask Baker.



Best Outfits for your Naked Cat

Meet Ramsey, the newest member of the Spot-the_-Kitty family!

Ramsey, the latest member of the Spot the Kitty family, doesn’t have much hair. That’s fine for us because we live in the desert, but if you have a hairless cat and winter is coming where you live, you might want to check out Baker’s picks for cat clothes, and keep your nude baby warm!

Sugar Skull Sweaters

Sugar Skull Sweaters

These fashionable Dia De Los Muertos motif sweaters are available from SimplySphynx on Etsy and are made in the USA. They cost $33.00 USD. Click here to go to the shop.







Sphynx Cat Wear Clothing Company Gang Sweatshirt

Sphynx Cat Wear Clothing Company Gang Sweatshirt

These cotton-lycra turtlenecks have the Sphynx Cat Wear logo printed on the front so your cat can represent. They come in three sizes and go for $38.00. Click here to go to Sphynx Cat Wear.








Ed Hardy knit shirts

Ed Hardy knit shirts

These Ed Hardy style kitty shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. Nudie Patootie Clothes for Cats sells lots of different sizes and prints with prices ranging from $15.00 for kitten trainers to $35.00 for their ‘butterball’ line. Click here to go to Nudie Patootie’s website.



Posh Punk Cat Wear Crossover V-Neck

Posh Punk Cat Wear Crossover V-Neck

Posh Punk’s tagline is “No hair – Don’t care” and they have a sizing chart on their website so you can be sure to get the perfect fit for your little nudie. This pirate shirt is $20.00. Click here to see all their styles.








Make a kitten sweater from a sock

Make a kitten sweater from a sock

If you’ve been blessed with a little nudie-pie like Ramsey, remember that hairless cats need to be protected from cold and sunshine. Even if you live in a warm environment, your kitty could be chilly under the air conditioners. Not all kitties will wear clothes happily, so you might want to start training your little one while he or she is still a kitten. A sock with the toe cut off and holes cut out of the heel for legs is a fashionable yet inexpensive way to sweater-train your hairless kitten.

Here is Ramsey in his fashionable sock sweater

Here is Ramsey in his fashionable sock sweater

Spot the Kitty is on the Move: Today’s Kitties Spotted in Sri Lanka


This Eid holiday, Spot the Kitty took a kitty-spotting trip to Sri Lanka.

Kitty spotting is not easy in Sri Lanka, as there are so many places for a kitty to hide in this lushly forested country.

Our first kitty was spotted in the town of Kegalle, home of the Kurulu-Kele Bird Sanctuary. Can you find him in this picture?

spot the Kegalle kitty

Can you spot the Kegalle kitty?



If you had difficulty finding this kitty, here’s a close-up:

Kegalle kitty spotted!!

Kegalle kitty spotted!!

The next kitty we spotted was in Pinnawala, home of the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. She actually spotted us before we spotted her, and she joined us for lunch, so I wasn’t able to get a photo of her hiding. Here’s a shot of me holding the sweet little Pinnawala kitty:

This kitty in Pinnawala likes egg sandwich and broiled fish.

This kitty in Pinnawala likes egg sandwich and broiled fish.

Cat in Sinhalese is බළලා, pronounced baḷalā.

Home Alone Cat


Have you ever wondered what your cat gets up to while you’re out? Does he sit by the door pining for you? Or does he find catty ways to amuse himself until you return? Aaron of Aaron’s Animals, our favourite youtuber, has his theory. Watch this video to find out what Prince Michael does while Aaron is out:

Have you ever spied on your cats while you were out? Tell us what the little fuzzballs got up to in the comments below!

Spot the Kitty is On the Move! Today’s Kitty Spotted in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Spot Kitties in Sharjah with Spot the Kitty!

Spot the Kitty HQ recently moved to Sharjah, UAE. Baker and Lance are excited to return to the land of sand (they were both desert cats before they joined the Spot the Kitty team.)

Our first Sharjah kitty was spotted in the hedge in this picture. Can you find him?

Sharjah kitty

Can you spot this Sharjah kitty?

Sharjah kitty spotted

Sharjah kitty spotted!

In Arabic, you say “qot” or “qota” for cat, and it is written like this: قط or قطة

Here is ‘cat’ written in stylized Arabic calligraphy:

Arabic cat

Arabic calligraphy cat

Featured Image photo credit: Sharjah During The Dusk via photopin (license)

Fighting for My Right to Scratch Stuff Up – A Letter Regarding Claw Covers

Have a question about cat life? Ask Baker!

Dear Baker,

I recently made my mark on my humans’ sofa, as is my right, and now they are talking about gluing these stupid bits of colored plastic over my claws. This seems inhumane and, IMO, callous. It is my right as a kitty to scratch stuff up. Also, I am a creature of the night. Who ever heard of a nocturnal predator with pretty nails?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Your friend,

Right to Claw


Dear Claws,

This is a big debate that has been raging in cat communities recently. Is it or is it not humane to cover our claws with plastic? Let’s look at the pros and cons of claw covers:

cat claw covers Baker shows off his pretty nails

Baker shows off his pretty nails


Pros of Cat Claw Covers:
  • Contrary to popular opinion, if your humans choose the right size for your paws and put them on properly, you don’t really notice them. You can still retract your claws normally and the claw covers, while pretty, do not add any weight to your paw.
  • You can still stretch and scratch at stuff, but with claw covers on, your claws will not be able to snag or rip your humans’ precious furniture.
  • They come in lots of fabulous colors.
  • They are safe. Unlike human claw covers, cat claw covers fall off when you shed the outer sheath of your claws, so you are not at risk of infection.
  • No matter how you feel about having your claws covered, these things are way better than the alternative that some humans still go for: DECLAWING!

    cat claw covers Lance prefers glitter

    Lance prefers glitter

Cons of Cat Claw Covers:
  • If you are an outside cat or make your escape for a little outdoor exploration, you won’t be able to defend yourself against other cats or worse, dogs, with these things on.
  • They are a little uncomfortable at first and if you pull them off and swallow them (as some cats are wont to do) before the glue dries, you can get sick.
  • It can be a little embarrassing if your human picks the wrong color.
How to Sink your Claws into Fabulous Fashion

Cats instinctively claw at furniture, drapes, or rugs. It is a way of marking our territory and imperative to creating a comfortable living environment. Chances are, however, your humans are going to try to find some way to dissuade you. It’s just human nature.

If your humans put scratching posts in the locations you usually like to claw, I recommend you use the scratching posts instead of the furniture. This is a good compromise that seems to make everyone happy.

cat claw covers - Once you have a manicure, it is important to keep it clean.

Cat claw covers – Once you have a manicure, it is important to keep it clean.

Some humans make it unpleasant to scratch at their sofas etc. by putting two-sided tape on the places you like to scratch. Yuck! Nobody wants to touch that sticky, gross stuff! After a few weeks, you will find a more pleasant place to scratch (such as a scratching post) and forget about the sofa.

Practical Information about Claw Covers

Some cats, however, are so set in their ways that these methods do not seem to sway them, and then the humans in the house may turn to claw covers. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to put these things on your feet is going to be up to your humans, because nine times out of ten, they are bigger than you, but if they do decide to go for it, here are a few things they should keep in mind:

  1. Not all claw covers are equal. We have used several ‘knock off’ brands, but we recommend the original, “Soft Paws” brand. Cheap claw covers can be too hard (difficult to get on), poorly shaped (easily fall off) or come with super-strong glue (don’t fall off with claw growth and eventually need to be snipped off.) We do not work for Soft Paws, so encouraging you to buy them does not benefit us in any way. If you do want to support us, check out our game: Click Here.
  2. Nobody wants to sit still while a human is pinching their foot and messing with their nails, so this is really a two-human job, and should be followed by lots, and I mean LOTS, of treats.
  3. Keep an eye on your claws. The claw covers should fall off after a few weeks to a month, but if they don’t, as your claw grows, the cover might start to dig into the pad of your toe, which of course would be quite uncomfortable. If a claw cover has not fallen off after six weeks, meow loudly at your humans until they clip off the offending claw cover.
  4. If the aim is to prevent furniture from being damaged, you do not need to cover your back claws, because we scratch stuff up with our front claws only. However, some cats have sensitive skin or anxiety issues which lead to overzealous scratching at the ears etc. If the aim, therefore, is to prevent you from scratching yourself, you should have the claw covers attached to your back claws.

    cat claw covers - They come in a variety of colors

    cat claw covers – They come in a variety of colors

I hope these tips help you in your long struggle to get along with your humans.

Baker - ask me anything byline

Have a question about cat life? Ask Baker.

Your friend and fashion consultant,


Music for Cats

kitty mewsic reviews

Do your cats listen to mewsic? Do they dance with you when you have a house party? Do you have little cat iPods for them? If you answered “no” to all of these questions, it might be because cats have different musical tastes than their humans.

The website www.musicforcats.com claims that they are developing music that is scientifically composed to appeal to cats. Throughout history, according to Music for Cats, music has been composed by humans for humans, but this composer has studied the sounds that appeal to cats and produced music that stimulates cats’ emotions.

The music is available for purchase on the website , but before we forked out $15.00 for the digital download of “Album 1”, we thought we’d give the kitties a listen.

Here is the reaction to “Music for Cats” at Spot the Kitty HQ:

Baker seems rather nonpussed, but Lance is somewhat curious as to where the singing cat might be found.

Click on the website above if you would like to play the sample for your cat, and tell us in the comments what your kitty’s reaction is.

Kitty Meowvie Reviews – Pluto TV

Spot the Kitty Discovers 24-7 Kitty TV!

The only thing better than a good movie is a free online TV network with an all-cats all-the-time station called “Cats 24/7!” And that’s just what we found on Pluto TV.

You have to download an app, but once connected to Pluto TV, you can enjoy over a hundred channels of free, round-the-clock content. Or, like us here at Spot the Kitty HQ, you can just watch kitties all the time.

If you’re hooked (we are!) download the Pluto TV app for Android here or for Apple here. You can also get a Pluto TV Chrome extension here.

For more fun with kitty apps, check out Sot the Kitty’s own puzzle game!

Download Spot the Kitty to play on your Apple or Android phone!

Click here to play Spot the Kitty for FREE on your Android.

Click here to play Spot the Kitty on your Apple device.

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Find out what your cat does when you go out with Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Watch a cute kitten battle a giant spider

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

See cats attempting to fit themselves into circles (if I fits, I sits)

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Circle success!

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Will your cat sit in a stupid circle? There’s only one way to find out.

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Find out cat secrets with Cat Diaries

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Meet some of the internet’s most adorable felines

Pluto TV Cats 24-7

Watch the savage hunter exploring his natural environment



Not all Daring Cat Rescues are Successful!

baker body language translator

We cats usually have a mind of our own. If we decide to climb up a power pylon, maybe we are just trying to get a different view on things, or maybe we are brave jungle cats stalking hapless birds. Whatever the reason, we do not always need or wish to be rescued, as this daring cat demonstrates.

Humans take note: please ask your cat if he or she would like the firemen to come.