Spot the Kitty is On the Move! Today’s Kitty Spotted in Abu Dhabi, UAE

abu dhabi mangroves

Kitty spotting in the desert is never easy. Smart desert kitties find somewhere cool to hide out during the day and sneak around stalking prey during the cooler nights. Here at the Eastern Mangroves Marina, somebody was thoughtful enough to put out a pile of delicious kibble for the local kitties.

Travel Kitty Spotting in Abu Dhabi East Mangroves Marina

spot two kitties in abu dhabi

Can you spot two kitties having an afternoon snack in Abu Dhabi East Mangroves Marina?

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, and it is the second most populated city in the UAE after Dubai. That’s human population; we don’t know the statistics on kitties. It is a nice place to live for both humans and kitties, especially in the area around the East Mangroves Marina, where we spotted these two. 

abu dhabi kitty spotted 2

This kitty had a few words to say. Don’t worry, kitty; we’re not here for the kibble!



Abu Dhabi Kitty Spotted

Abu Dhabi Kitty Spotted







Did you have any trouble spotting this kitty? The second Abu Dhabi kitty spotted us first, and came over for a little bit of a scritch. 

abu dhabi kitty selfie 1

It’s nice to meet you, kitty!

abu dhabi kitty selfie

This kitty wanted to take a selfie with me!










Cat Life in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, the official language is Arabic, but there are so many foreigners here for work and travel that everyone speaks English. The Emirates are officially Islamic, which is great news for kitties, because Muslims follow the Prophet’s teaching to take great care of and lovingly look after pets, especially cats. 


Spot the Kitty is On the Move! Today’s Kitty Spotted at UAE – Oman Border

oman-UAE border

Every now and then, kitties appear in the most unlikely places. As we parked to collect our entry stamps at the Oman border near Hatta, UAE, lo and behold, an adorable kitty came to greet us! 

She did not hide at all, so you don’t get to play Spot the Oman Kitty today. Just take a moment to appreciate how sweet this little girl is:

oman kitty

“Greetings, and welcome to Oman. I’ll be your guide. Feel free to look around and give me any tuna or other treats you may have with you.”


Spot the Kitty is On the Move! Today’s Kitty Spotted in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Spot Kitties in Sharjah with Spot the Kitty!

Spot the Kitty HQ recently moved to Sharjah, UAE. Baker and Lance are excited to return to the land of sand (they were both desert cats before they joined the Spot the Kitty team.)

Our first Sharjah kitty was spotted in the hedge in this picture. Can you find him?

Sharjah kitty

Can you spot this Sharjah kitty?

Sharjah kitty spotted

Sharjah kitty spotted!

In Arabic, you say “qot” or “qota” for cat, and it is written like this: قط or قطة

Here is ‘cat’ written in stylized Arabic calligraphy:

Arabic cat

Arabic calligraphy cat

Featured Image photo credit: Sharjah During The Dusk via photopin (license)