Home Alone Cat

Have you ever wondered what your cat gets up to while you’re out? Does he sit by the door pining for you? Or does he find catty ways to amuse himself until you return? Aaron of Aaron’s Animals, our favourite youtuber, has his theory. Watch this video to find out what Prince Michael does while Aaron is out:

Have you ever spied on your cats while you were out? Tell us what the little fuzzballs got up to in the comments below!


Not all Daring Cat Rescues are Successful!

We cats usually have a mind of our own. If we decide to climb up a power pylon, maybe we are just trying to get a different view on things, or maybe we are brave jungle cats stalking hapless birds. Whatever the reason, we do not always need or wish to be rescued, as this daring cat demonstrates.

Humans take note: please ask your cat if he or she would like the firemen to come.