Baker’s Profile

baker's profile

Baker is a domestic shorthair cat from Al Khor, Qatar. One of his distinctive features is his bi-coloured, or central heterochromatic, eyes. Baker’s eyes are hazel in the centres and blue around the outsides.

He came from a large family and had six younger brothers and sisters. An avid adventurer, he left home at the young age of nine weeks to pursue a life of banditry.

The little scallywag came up with the idea for Spot the Kitty during a hiding spree. Baker hides every chance he gets. If he sees something that looks like a possible hiding spot, he runs as fast as he can and scoots inside.

If you think you would enjoy a game of finding kitties, you have definitely come to the right place. Baker has hidden in a lot of pictures just for you to find him.

Currently, Baker’s favourite hiding places are under the sofa, his laundry duckie, and any box or bag, no matter what the size.