Lance’s Profile

lance's profile

Lance is a ginger-point domestic shorthair with blue eyes. Despite his pretty appearance, he grew up a tough, savvy alley-cat, living a liberated life in the mean streets of Al Sadd, Qatar. But one day he decided to put all that behind him and join a nice family.

At first he found it difficult to give up aspects of street life, like boxing, hissing, and eating out of the garbage, but he quickly adapted to the posh style of apartment living.

After Lance stopped beating him up, Baker took it upon himself to teach him the finer points of hiding. Lance found that he, too, enjoyed the sport. He also enjoys chasing a rubber bouncy-ball.

Lance’s favourite types of music are Big Band and Jazz, and his favourite type of tinned food is tuna/chicken.

Lance is hiding in a lot of the Spot the Kitty pictures, so if you enjoy a game of looking for a cute cat, Lance will be happy to play with you.