Spot the Kitty is on the Move: Today’s Kitties Spotted in Sri Lanka

This Eid holiday, Spot the Kitty took a kitty-spotting trip to Sri Lanka.

Kitty spotting is not easy in Sri Lanka, as there are so many places for a kitty to hide in this lushly forested country.

Our first kitty was spotted in the town of Kegalle, home of the Kurulu-Kele Bird Sanctuary. Can you find him in this picture?

spot the Kegalle kitty

Can you spot the Kegalle kitty?



If you had difficulty finding this kitty, here’s a close-up:

Kegalle kitty spotted!!

Kegalle kitty spotted!!

The next kitty we spotted was in Pinnawala, home of the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. She actually spotted us before we spotted her, and she joined us for lunch, so I wasn’t able to get a photo of her hiding. Here’s a shot of me holding the sweet little Pinnawala kitty:

This kitty in Pinnawala likes egg sandwich and broiled fish.

This kitty in Pinnawala likes egg sandwich and broiled fish.

Cat in Sinhalese is බළලා, pronounced baḷalā.


Spot the Kitty is On the Move! Today’s Kitty Spotted in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Spot Kitties in Sharjah with Spot the Kitty!

Spot the Kitty HQ recently moved to Sharjah, UAE. Baker and Lance are excited to return to the land of sand (they were both desert cats before they joined the Spot the Kitty team.)

Our first Sharjah kitty was spotted in the hedge in this picture. Can you find him?

Sharjah kitty

Can you spot this Sharjah kitty?

Sharjah kitty spotted

Sharjah kitty spotted!

In Arabic, you say “qot” or “qota” for cat, and it is written like this: قط or قطة

Here is ‘cat’ written in stylized Arabic calligraphy:

Arabic cat

Arabic calligraphy cat

Featured Image photo credit: Sharjah During The Dusk via photopin (license)


Music for Cats

Do your cats listen to mewsic? Do they dance with you when you have a house party? Do you have little cat iPods for them? If you answered “no” to all of these questions, it might be because cats have different musical tastes than their humans.

The website claims that they are developing music that is scientifically composed to appeal to cats. Throughout history, according to Music for Cats, music has been composed by humans for humans, but this composer has studied the sounds that appeal to cats and produced music that stimulates cats’ emotions.

The music is available for purchase on the website , but before we forked out $15.00 for the digital download of “Album 1”, we thought we’d give the kitties a listen.

Here is the reaction to “Music for Cats” at Spot the Kitty HQ:

Baker seems rather nonpussed, but Lance is somewhat curious as to where the singing cat might be found.

Click on the website above if you would like to play the sample for your cat, and tell us in the comments what your kitty’s reaction is.


Cat Celebrity News

Koyuki Takes the Internet by Storm

Koyuki is the next grumpy cat to take over the internet. Photo credit: Daily Mail

Koyuki is the next grumpy cat to take over the internet. Photo credit: Daily Mail

Move over, Grumpy Cat! A Japanese cat with a grumpy expression to rival Grumpy Cat’s is gaining popularity among social media users. Koyuki has 46.5K followers on her Instagram page and 50.7K are currently following her on Twitter. Despite her scowling expression, her owners say she is a friendly kitty.

Marmalade Endures Cone of Shame

Marmalade in blow-up collar photo credit coleandmarmalade website

Marmalade in blow-up collar: Photo credit coleandmarmalade website

Back in February, Cole and Marmalade’s human reported that Marmalade was strapped into an inflatable cone of shame. It seems that Marm let curiosity get the better of him and ended up with a scratched eye. Luckily, Marmalade’s humans noticed his condition straight away. Unluckily, Marm was forced to not only wear a cone of shame, but to endure eye drops twice a day for two weeks!

Read all the grisly details of Marmalade’s misadventure on their website, here.

Grumpy Cat Pure Gold

Grumpy Cat's Tales to be Told in Golden Books. Photo credit: Grumpy Cat website

Grumpy Cat’s Tales to be Told in Golden Books. Photo credit: Grumpy Cat website

Hold on to your reading glasses, because Grumpy Cat’s many tales will be told in a series of three Golden Books, to be published by Random House. The first title is “Grumpy Cat — The Little Cat that Wouldn’t” and will be available on book shelves on July 26, 2016. This story is about Grumpy Cat saying “no” to all her friends’ suggestions to try new things and have fun. See Grumpy Cat’s website here for all the deets.

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Night of the Living Dead: a Spot the Kitty Meowvie Review

Click to find out more about the original zombie movie from IMDb!

Click to find out more about the original zombie movie from IMDb!

George Romero and John Russo were definitely pioneers in Hollywood. Produced in 1968, “Night of the Living Dead” was the first ever zombie movie. Nearly fifty years later, The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, continuing the story of flesh-eating, slow-moving undead originally conceived by Romero and Russo. Not only do the “Night of the Living Dead” zombies have staying power, but the film was filled with Hollywood firsts: an African American hero doing his best to save the white heroine, a fully nude zombie, a young girl zombie eating her parents… if anybody didn’t run out of the theater screaming in 1968, I’ll eat my pizza!

Baker: “This movie made my fur stand on end! Two paws up!”

Lance: “Humans should not be allowed to watch Night of the Living Dead while petting their kitties. The excitement lead to faster and faster scritching, and made it difficult to sleep. But I did get a pretty good head massage out of it, so two paws up!”

If you don’t think you can stomach all ninety-six minutes of fear and gore, Baker and Lance have produced their slightly tamer, definitely shorter version: “Night of the Mewing Dead.” Click to watch it on YouTube. Please subscribe to our channel and leave a comment so we know which meowvie you would like to see next!

Spot the Kitty presents: Night of the Mewing Dead

Spot the Kitty presents: Night of the Mewing Dead


Kitty Meowvie Review: CSI — Crime Scene Investigation final episode “Immortality”

csi real movie posterCSI is an ingenious show that has run on CBS for fifteen years. It has three spin-offs and has given countless aspiring actors opportunities to show their stuff. CSI may not always be realistic (“Can you bring that up a little?”) but it is always entertaining to try to solve the crime along with the team. On September 27th, CSI shared their series finale, bringing back some of their best-loved cast members for an intense two-hour search for the bombers of a Las Vegas casino.

Read more about CSI – Crime Scene Investigation on IMDb.

Read more about CSI “Immortality,” on Entertainment Weekly
… after you watch the episode, of course. We don’t want any spoilers!

Our kitties enjoyed CSI Immortality so much that they decided to dedicated this week’s Spot the Kitty Presents to their own rendition of the show.

Baker: “It was a lot of fun to pretend to work with my partner to solve a crime. Of course in the end, we knew the dog did it. Spot the Kitty Studios were generous enough to provide some very high-tech equipment for this particular show, like a laptop, and a camera.”

Lance: “I don’t know why I always have to play the girl. I drew inspiration from Sara Sidle. Sara’s endearing habit of always explaining things that are already somewhat obvious makes the show easier to follow for those of us whose brains are the sizes of walnuts. So I guess in this instance, there was a certain element of challenge to bringing one of my favourite characters to life under my own interpretation.”


Losing a Loved One

The most difficult part of pet ownership is losing your beloved pet. Nothing could be worse for a cat owner than having to say goodbye as your little companion leaves your side at the end of his or her life. Some kitties live long lives and others are with us for only a short time. But every kitty, no matter how long we know them, leaves an indelible mark on our heart.

For all our friends and fans who have lost a kitty along the way, we would like to share this poem.

To all the kitties we've loved before.

To all the kitties we’ve loved before.


Kitty Meowvie Reviews: Gone Girl

Click here to learn more about Gone Girl on IMDb!

Click here to learn more about Gone Girl on IMDb!

Gone Girl is based on a best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn. She wrote the screenplay, too, so unusually for movies based on novels, you don’t come away from this one saying, “The book was better.” Unless you’re a real stickler for booksarealwaysbetterism, in which case, don’t even bother watching movies, you nerd!

Baker — My human watched Gone Girl on an airplane, while I was crammed in my small carrier under the seat in front of her. I was fine, by the way. Don’t worry about me.

Lance — Me too.

For meowvie buffs, Baker and Lance have produced their own version of this film, Gone Cat. You can watch it here:


Spot the Kitty Takes a Walk on the Wild Side

Spot the Kitty fans Penny and Kelly Borrowman of Calgary, Alberta, Canada did some wild kitty spotting in early September.

Can you spot the kitty in this picture?

Can you spot the kitty in this picture? Hint: it's a bobcat!

Hint: it’s a bobcat!

Click here to watch Spot the Kitty Presents’ newest meowvie!

The Borrowmans have not decided whether to call their visitor Bobcat Stanfield or Bobcat Marley. Which do you think is the better name for this sweet wild kitty?

Bobcat Stanfield close up

Here’s a close up of Bobcat Stanfield relaxing in the lovely back garden.

This little bobcat has been stalking squirrels and jack rabbits in a city park in Calgary.

This little bobcat has been stalking squirrels and jack rabbits in city yards and parks in South West Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Here Bobcat Marley poses for the camera before going to the next yard on his squirrel hunt.

Here Bobcat Marley poses for the camera before going to the next yard on his squirrel hunt.

Don’t you just want to go out and cuddle this guy? Bobcats are not dangerous, but they’re not cuddly pets, either. This area of the city is very close to a provincial park where deer, ospreys, and other wild animals live. The Borrowmans did the right thing by just taking pictures and otherwise leaving their guest alone to enjoy their garden. Hopefully he had such a nice visit that he’ll be back again shortly!

Watch Bobcat Marley on YouTube!

Have you spotted any interesting kitties in your neighbourhood? Has your kitty found an unusual place to hide? Please send your story with photos and you might be featured on Spot the Kitty! Spot the Kitty’s email address is